To the moon and back – how collaboration drives breakthrough innovation

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” This quote supposedly coined by Henry Ford has never been truer than what it is today. The greater the challenge, the bigger the need for multi-disciplinary collaboration. President Kennedy famously initiated Project Apollo not only because of the American ideological and […]

Why should I give up flying for the environment if almost three billion people in India and China don’t give a damn?

We’ve all heard this line of argumentation. Heck, most of us have gone down that rabbit hole of thought ourselves from time to time. There are many versions of the same line of reasoning and boiled down to its basics, it goes something like this: it does not matter one bit what I do, because […]

My invasion to Slush 2019

Dear readers, in my previous blog post, I discussed my story with service design and design thinking and how I conducted a part of my MSc. study on the understanding and using of design in different businesses in Slush 2013. After 6 years, I plan to come back to Slush 2019 to conduct a similar […]

“Innovate or die”

Sometimes attributed to Peter Drucker, “Innovate or die” is a tagline embraced by media, managers and academics alike. But then again, what is innovation? In the simplest form, it boils down to introducing a change (i.e., something new). If you were to take an organisation’s perspective then innovation is a new offering (e.g., a product […]

Passion for marketing in everyday life

I fell in love with marketing pretty much exactly 6 years ago, when taking my very first marketing course “Principles of Marketing”. I still remember that huge book by Philip Kotler and hours I spent with it, mostly because I was absolutely fascinated by the content, but also because my English was so poor, I […]