A digital twin for destination development and management

Imagine that you, as a destination marketing manager, have a crystal ball where you can see where the visitors have been, where they are at the moment and where they are going. What a tool for planning and development – transportation optimization, overtourism mitigation, safety and security issues and tourist experiences facilitation – we are […]

Appointing a CEO with marketing expertise increases the company’s profitability and market value

Boards of Directors at large companies ponder more and more often, whether to hire a CEO with marketing background. Companies’ owners and Nomination Committees, in turn, are considering whether to appoint more Board Members with marketing expertise. A recently published study on U.S. stock exchange listed companies (S&P 500) provides interesting answers and insights to […]

Running is my Boyfriend, Cleaning is my Enemy

In our everyday lives we all have activities that we love or hate to do: Cleaning our homes, playing tennis or commuting to work. Thus, we might say that we have ongoing relationships with these activities. However, traditionally marketers have not thought in these terms. Rather, they have often understood consumer’s activities in terms of […]