The product always obscures the customer

Customers form the most important resource of a firm. Without customers, the firm cannot exist. Think about the heading again. The product always obscures the customer. An obsession with products, production processes and routines creates near-sightedness and makes customers invisible. If this indeed is the case, how can firms successfully maintain their customer relationships, and […]

Why should I give up flying for the environment if almost three billion people in India and China don’t give a damn?

We’ve all heard this line of argumentation. Heck, most of us have gone down that rabbit hole of thought ourselves from time to time. There are many versions of the same line of reasoning and boiled down to its basics, it goes something like this: it does not matter one bit what I do, because […]

When start-ups dance with elephants

There are many stories about start-ups. Sometimes they end happily – sometimes not. Obviously, the road to success is all but preset and easily navigated. Rather it takes a great portion of purposeful action, perseverance and passion to succeed. When a start-up introduces technologically advanced solutions that change the rules of the game in an […]