Technology is not sufficient for success. Customer-focused business model innovations are desperately needed

A study from IMD in Switzerland confirms what we at CERS always have advocated. A firm that is truly customer-focussed and customer-driven performs better. Being truly customer-driven requires that top management does not only claim that being customer-focused is the top priority, but in reality nevertheless consider finance, technology, operations, and other business aspects equally […]

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

There is a growing trend in the universities of Northern America that we should be weary of in Europe. North American, especially American, trends seem to wash to our shores with some delay and sometimes it seems there is little to do against the mcdonaldization of the world. Most of the trends we embrace, who […]

Reaching out to the real world

I sometimes think about the role of marketing and service research in the larger academic context. What’s our purpose, and how should we orient ourselves towards ”the real world”? Recently I got a chance to reflect on this issue together with around 40 other young scholars from around the world, in the Let’s Talk About […]

#Hanken brister?

Jag har avlagt ett nyårslöfte, jag med (#metoo). En del kanske frågar sig, varför det. På Hanken är ju allt så bra. Tyvärr är #DammenBrister (den Finlandssvenska listan på #metoo-incidenter) upprörande läsning för oss som jobbar med ungdomar. Det kan hända att Hanken finns med på den listan. Ifall man generaliserar förekommande det två grupper bland […]