What makes you move?

Nature and geography have different effects on society here in Norway than in Finland.  In Finland they act more like a canvas, a backdrop, in front of which we go by our daily lives. Don’t get me wrong, I think we’ve got plenty of beautiful nature back in Finland, but I’ve come to realize that […]

A doctoral student at large

Working in academia is quite unlike anything I’ve done before. In between all the deadlines and usual work pressures, researchers – even doctoral students – enjoy an impressive amount of freedom. By freedom I mean the absence of the old ’nine-to-five’ mentality, of being tethered to the office, the cubicle. When the need to produce […]

Summer in a luggage – CERS researchers’ conference greetings

As is typical in academic life, also in the field of service management, most conferences are organized during the summer months. This summer CERS researchers attended EMAC in Groningen, Naples Forum on Service in Sorrento, QUIS conference in Porto, CBIM in Stockholm, and Frontiers in Service in New York, among others   The theme of EMAC conference this year in Groningen was Leaving Footprints. CERS […]

Welcome to the CERS blog!

CERS, Centre for Relationship Marketing and Service Management, is opening a blog for its researchers and collaborators to write about research, services, marketing, and academic life. All contributions are wished welcome. Please contact Coordinator Annamari Huovinen: annamari.huovinen(at)hanken.fi Return to CERS front page.