Pandemics, environmental crises and consumption: Lessons to learn

In Finland, we consume on average almost four times the amount that is environmentally sustainable. Calls for changing our consumption patterns in response to the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and other environmental problems have for years resulted in only little change. The current global pandemic appears to have succeeded where threats of environmental crises have […]

Muovipussit minimiin – mitä teki kuluttaja, hyötyivätkö yritykset?

Olemme hukkua muoviin! Sosiaalinen media on täynnä kuvia muovilautoista valtamerissä ja muoviin sotkeutuneista linnuista. Silti jokapäiväinen elämämme on täynnä muovia pakkausten sekä muovipussien ja -kassien muodossa. Jotain tulisi tehdä, ajattelemme. Maailmassa kulutetaan 500 miljardista biljoonaan muovipussia vuosittain, mikä tarkoittaa 1,4–2,7 miljardia muovipussia joka päivä tai miljoona muovipussia minuutissa. Luvut ovat pöyristyttäviä, ja siksi eri toimijat […]

How will the COVID-19 impact consumer behavior in the long term?

Research institutions are proactively conducting research to inform us of fast-changing trends due to the pandemic. Research results confirm that people have already changed their shopping behavior in fundamental ways: stocking up on products they wouldn’t otherwise stock up on, purchasing products they wouldn’t otherwise have purchased, shopping online when they would usually shop in […]

The traditional internet forum: old but not forgotten

Our online activity is evolving and new forms of social media and online communication and interaction are constantly developing. Recent trends include, for example, continued growth of messaging platforms, the rise of augmented and virtual reality, TikTok’s rising popularity among Gen Z users, and increasing social (media) commerce. So, a lot of new exciting things […]

What’s up with all this data?

“The easier it is to quantify, the less it’s worth”  – Seth Godin Can you spend a day without your phone, or would you be less smart without techy gadgets, maybe less capable?  Our brain certainly has limits in holding information and in representing reality with restricted sensory inputs and processing capabilities.  Information technology certainly […]

What is it like being a PhD student at Hanken?

The application round for PhD studies at Hanken is now open, and closes on February 5th. If you are thinking of applying, please first check out the official information at Hanken’s web site: Since official information packages may get overwhelming at times, I would like to provide an insider perspective from the Department of […]