HumLog – Season 1

Hi there, it’s Jing again. It is time to look back at my first year master studies at Hanken. Anyone’s interested in some surviving tips?   Starting my degree in humanitarian logistics was one of the best decisions I made. It opened the door to a new professional area that is so important yet relatively […]

Study and live like a proper Hankeit

I’m Jing, a master student in Humanitarian Logistics and part of the international student ambassador team. This post tells a bit of my extra-curriculum learnings of being a Hankeit!   Having been living in Finland for several years and finished my bachelor degree here, the student life at Hanken has still taught me so many […]

Winter has arrived!

Hello, hello, hello! With the first snow fall of this year in Helsinki, it is time for another blog entry from your resident student ambassador from the finance department! So period 2 has started here at Hanken, and with that, many interesting finance courses! Perhaps the one a lot of students are looking forward to […]

What’s up ahead?

While clairvoyance would likely come in use for answering that question, it is a talent I’m yet to unlock. What I can do, instead, is tell you about the ways Hanken has been useful in seeking employment.   While diving into a jungle of group assignments and learning diaries, fending off deadlines and exams as […]

Eventful week at Hanken!

Hei Everyone! I’m Sasha, a student of finance and one of the several international student ambassadors here at Hanken! In this blog I’d like to talk about a couple of events that I attended as part of the International Student Ambassador team, which delved into the student life at Hanken. While there have been so […]

Russian dinner at Hanken

Калинка, калинка, калинка моя, В саду ягода-малинка, малинка моя. Калинка, калинка, калинка моя, В саду ягода-малинка, малинка моя. With this song we started our Russian dinner at Hanken that took place on 20th of March, and had a great success! But let start from the beginning. March 20th was bright and sunny day, and Helsinki […]

Winter Holiday Outside Finland

After the hectic winter season and long dark nights, it was a cool moment to breath new air outside the frozen Finnish environment. The winter break in the warmer Berlin city was the place to thaw the end of the 3rd period at Hanken as a Humanitarian Logician. It is winter break and after so […]