Get Involved, Get Connected, and Build Your Network!

Whether it be for pleasure, work, or personal sociability, getting involved is quite important in the steps to building something (such as a future career). At Hanken and within the student body, there are many ways to get involved in addition to coursework, ranging from SHS committees to clubs and more. Recently, I have joined the Masters’ Committee in order to better get to know other like-minded students as well as contribute to ensuring that Hanken and its masters program boast a welcoming environment for students.

High involvement is also an outlet where one can foster friendships but also creativity. I enjoy being a part of something where I can exercise the creative side of my brain, rather than just the analytical (which is often what many courses focus on). It might seem difficult to make time for further involvement, considering many work as well as study simultaneously, but in doing so, you will find that you are able to still take a break while doing something fun and useful. Making time to socialize and using it as rest during busy times is a great way to balance school, work, and other involvements.

As a businessperson, it is furthermore without a doubt that the relationships you build are very valuable to both personal and professional success. There is possibility to ‘network’ in any situation or place – whether that be at the grocery store, in the classroom, or at an event. It seems that many here are not so forward in this sense (especially in informal settings), but it is no problem to be direct and friendly! In fact, many will appreciate you for your candidness and willingness to engage and befriend others.

By networking, I have not only made professional connections but also friends that share similar interests (in sports, travel, etc.). Even more recently, I was able to find my first job in Finland as a result of friendly networking. In addition, I have met many others that share similar passions or are much further in their careers, of which we had interesting conversations that I have learned from.

In addition, maintaining a solid LinkedIn profile is of utmost importance. Be sure to keep your LinkedIn up to date, including your work history, summary, profile photo, and just about anything else you see fit. Oftentimes, LinkedIn is the first place someone will go to get a better idea of who you are (in a business environment) – and as we know, first impressions are powerful!

Let us take 2021 to not only build lasting friendships but to also get connected and involved while simultaneously strengthening our personal networks!

Best wishes,

Sophia Rahimeh (