MSc Research Seminar for Thesis-Writing in Economics

Looking at the computer screen, day in and day out, reading lectures, research papers and looking up data for the regression analysis, thesis writing is no cakewalk. When I joined the research seminar for thesis writing in September (it is a 5-credit mandatory course at Hanken), I was looking to have some guidance for this […]

Time-management for students. How to do everything at once?

Deadline! A word that no one really likes, especially students. There was a moment in every student’s life when a deadline crept imperceptibly, and a 3000 word essay had to be written overnight. However, that doesn’t have to happen every time you’ve been asked for an essay, project, or homework assignment. The life of a […]

Get Involved, Get Connected, and Build Your Network!

Whether it be for pleasure, work, or personal sociability, getting involved is quite important in the steps to building something (such as a future career). At Hanken and within the student body, there are many ways to get involved in addition to coursework, ranging from SHS committees to clubs and more. Recently, I have joined […]

Making the most of the last piece of 2020

Time flies! Now we are approaching the year end. For a second-year master student who takes research seminar this semester, master thesis and Christmas holiday make up the last month of my 2020. Regarding the research seminar, participating in and coordinating with everything course related online is something new and of course challenging. However, 11.12 […]

Why research skill should not be taken for granted in future work life?

Fundamentally, research is an important skill that every student would need at school. It could either be the pre-work of your presentations at class, the 3000-word worth of essay or exam revision, you name it. However, it can be fairly surprising to know that research is actually a desirable skill that come in handy for […]

Living in a country, where you don’t speak the language. At first!

Hey, it’s Barbora again. A second-year master’s student in International Strategy and Sustainability. This one’s for all of those who fear the Finnish language (I used to be one of you). Or those who feel the uncertainty of moving to a country, where you don’t speak the language. Or anyone who’s thinking of giving up […]

How to get the best of your traineeship?

Hi everyone, Hanh’s finally back with her blog after couple of months 🙂 Today I’d like to share with you guys a story about my summer traineeship at UPM and some fundamental lessons that I’ve picked up along the journey. Now, seat tight and tag along for the next couple of minutes, okay? Around 8 […]

Some practical aspects of student life in Finland

Hey there! In today’s post, I’d like to share some insights into everyday life and tell you about some opportunities to save money in Finland (which is always pleasant 😊). It is known that Finland is not a cheap country to live in – especially if you don’t have an income in euros. But the […]

First Impressions: Finland, HIT, and Adjusting During Covid-19 Times

There comes a time when structure becomes chaos, you have more questions than there are answers, and life asks for a bit more flexibility than you are used to. Covid-19 times have tested our ability to adapt but moving to a foreign country can also do the same! Picture it: a Texas girl, grew up […]