Making the most of the last piece of 2020

Time flies! Now we are approaching the year end. For a second-year master student who takes research seminar this semester, master thesis and Christmas holiday make up the last month of my 2020. Regarding the research seminar, participating in and coordinating with everything course related online is something new and of course challenging. However, 11.12 […]

Why research skill should not be taken for granted in future work life?

Fundamentally, research is an important skill that every student would need at school. It could either be the pre-work of your presentations at class, the 3000-word worth of essay or exam revision, you name it. However, it can be fairly surprising to know that research is actually a desirable skill that come in handy for […]

Learning outside Hanken…….within Hanken! The JOO study system

Hello dear readers! Jitesh here, again. Previously I had talked about how learning law at a business school felt like having the best of two different worlds (link to that blog is here). This time, I’d like to talk about a third world that is open to all Hanken students: the JOO study system. The […]