It never gets boring

What a lovely weather it was for the past week in Helsinki! You might notice that we again start the blog post with the weather, but let me assure you that here in Finland people like talking about weather. It is not that often that you get so many sunny days in a row, especially […]

Welcome to the World of Finance

This week has been an exceptionally cold one in Helsinki, with temperatures falling to -12 degrees centigrade! So I thought for my first blog post, I’d take this good opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful life of a finance student at Hanken School of Economics (since very few of us would dare to venture […]

Here we go!

This is not my blog, but our students’. I’m so happy we can introduce Hanken through them to give you the real picture of what we’re all about. Now I’m officially handing over this blog to our International Student Ambassadors. If you ever need the more official version of things get in touch. You can […]