Happy New Year from Rovaniemi

Hello, I hope everyone is having great holidays! As this is the last blog entry for the year, I would like to use the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year! This blog post will be more of an advertisement for the Finnish Lapland or Rovaniemi as I am spending the last days of […]

Finland 100 Years Birthday!

December 6th is the independent day of Finland, and this year is extremely special as it is Finland’s 10 year’s birthday. This day, people are gathering to celebrate together, many major architects and land marks are lighted with the national colour — blue and white, and in the middle night, a well prepared firework show […]

The little Christmas

Pikkujoulu is coming! It’s Pikkujoulu season! Pikkujoulu is a traditional Finnish party, usually held by companies, communities, and amoung friends. In English it is called “Little Christmas”. Usually it is held 3-4 weeks before Christmas, and the whole city is busy with particing and talking about little Xmas, and you even are able to spot […]