The little Christmas

Pikkujoulu is coming!

It’s Pikkujoulu season!

Pikkujoulu is a traditional Finnish party, usually held by companies, communities, and amoung friends. In English it is called “Little Christmas”. Usually it is held 3-4 weeks before Christmas, and the whole city is busy with particing and talking about little Xmas, and you even are able to spot people who are on their way to Pikkujoulu on the streets, and that’s when it’s called Pikkujoulu season.

Last Friday evening, our company had our Pikkujoulu, everybody Santa Clause’ hats on. We had a nice venue, delicious food, and an interesting stand-up comedian performance.

The pre-party started with some drinks, snacks and sauna in our office building. Then the private bus took us from the office to the party location. Our Pikkujoulu officially started with CEO’s informal speech about the achievements and happening of this year, and plans and target for the next year. In the end of the speech, we did a toast for each other. And started 3 course buffet, the place offers the combine of different kinds of Finnish and Asian food, very tasty. My colleague next to me ordered Mojito, however, the bar tender mistakenly put salt instead of suger to the drink, so that was our first time trying “Salty Mijito” 😀 well, the taste is really mehh, maybe only once for life.

Xmas is also the time to have the most traditional Xmas drink — “Glögi”, it is a beverage usually made with red wine along with different mulling spices, served in warm or hot. As I always have glögi with group of people or friends, so glögi is a very homy drink to me. 

Here are some pictures from our Pikkujoulu! And wish everybody Merry Christmas!