Christmas Vibes All Around!

Good tidings to you wherever you are. Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year! Abba veryone loves holidays, but Christmases time is special – it is associated with miracles, childhood, and a fairy tale. Christmas virus vanity involves us in its ‘dance’ that we cannot resist! Many of us come from different countries […]

Events at Hanken

Hi everyone,    Hope you are having a great week!   Studying at Hanken is a great opportunity for international students. In fact, you have the chance to attend different events and network with different well-known companies. Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend the PWC Case Study. The event started at 17:30. During the first hour, there was […]

Christmas vibes in Helsinki

Today, Finland celebrates 101 years of independence. The country, which is proud of its traditions, history and people. Finnish people themselves describe the national character with a word which does not have an easy-to-find literal equivalent in English – sisu. Sisu stands for determination, bravery and resilience. Exactly what you need in order to meet the […]