Christmas vibes in Helsinki

Today, Finland celebrates 101 years of independence. The country, which is proud of its traditions, history and people. Finnish people themselves describe the national character with a word which does not have an easy-to-find literal equivalent in English – sisu. Sisu stands for determination, bravery and resilience. Exactly what you need in order to meet the last deadlines of the year before the holiday week starts!

Meanwhile, the city streets (and Hanken as well) are changing its appearance bringing more warmth and festive feeling of Christmas holidays to the dark winter days. It looks quite unusual without the snow and I really wish that the weather will change; not sure what people say about global warming, but this winter looks warmer than ever. I am still riding a bicycle every day and what I heard from the news, tourism business in Lapland has been affected by the snowless days in a very negative way. But do not catch the pessimistic vibes. Looks that there is a high demand for professionals in the area of sustainability, circular economy and responsible business strategy. I have to say, Hanken has opened my eyes to the world sustainability issues and also has given me a vision on how to solve them. 

As a gift for the Independence Day, a new library in the heart of Helsinki has been opened. Have a look at the architectural masterpiece! I am glad that my thesis is still in the process because I was dreaming about going to the library and using its spaces (which are free for everyone). There you can find not only books and study rooms but also 3D printers and even sewing machines.