Why research skill should not be taken for granted in future work life?

Fundamentally, research is an important skill that every student would need at school. It could either be the pre-work of your presentations at class, the 3000-word worth of essay or exam revision, you name it. However, it can be fairly surprising to know that research is actually a desirable skill that come in handy for […]

How to get the best of your traineeship?

Hi everyone, Hanh’s finally back with her blog after couple of months 🙂 Today I’d like to share with you guys a story about my summer traineeship at UPM and some fundamental lessons that I’ve picked up along the journey. Now, seat tight and tag along for the next couple of minutes, okay? Around 8 […]

Some practical aspects of student life in Finland

Hey there! In today’s post, I’d like to share some insights into everyday life and tell you about some opportunities to save money in Finland (which is always pleasant 😊). It is known that Finland is not a cheap country to live in – especially if you don’t have an income in euros. But the […]

First Impressions: Finland, HIT, and Adjusting During Covid-19 Times

There comes a time when structure becomes chaos, you have more questions than there are answers, and life asks for a bit more flexibility than you are used to. Covid-19 times have tested our ability to adapt but moving to a foreign country can also do the same! Picture it: a Texas girl, grew up […]

Summer Research Internship in Helsinki

Summer is the most beautiful season in Helsinki, especially since it is so short, and the weather is delightful. Everywhere you go, you see happy faces and positive vibes, and boy, a lot of style. The grey-black overcoat hues of the winter give way to colourful floral dresses and printed jeans when the sun finally […]

Learning through doing – practical study cases

Undoubtedly, one of the best things in studying at Hanken is its closeness to the real business world. In the previous post I promised to tell where to find the Finnish business representatives, but the good news is that at Hanken everything is already done for you  – professors often invite representatives of Finnish and […]

Studying at Hanken during quarantine times

Same as universities all over the world, starting from 13 March 2020 Hanken has closed its doors for the faculty and students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This precaution was taken to ensure the health and safety of all Hankeits. For Hanken, closing the doors by no means stands for an interruption of learning. Administrators, […]

5 Reasons why you should study Economics

Economics to me is like that one vast arena of topics which has its paws in almost every field. Finance, statistics, mathematics, psychology, environment, geography, law, sociology, you name it. You can marry it to any subject and Economics will easily play the role of the good wife. And by that, I mean it will […]

Breaking stereotypes – student life in Finland

We often hear some stereotypical sayings about different nationalities and countries connected with their unusual and unique features. Finland is not an exception here, and even Finns themselves willingly joke about sauna and ice-swimming, beer and too calm and introvert lifestyle. However, exactly the latter theme became the main reason for mistaken – from my […]