Time-management for students. How to do everything at once?

Deadline! A word that no one really likes, especially students. There was a moment in every student’s life when a deadline crept imperceptibly, and a 3000 word essay had to be written overnight.

However, that doesn’t have to happen every time you’ve been asked for an essay, project, or homework assignment. The life of a student obliges to prioritize learning. The main task is to learn how to template everything in a way that there is time for participation in student organizations and events, hanging out with friends, trying out new hobbies, and, perhaps, even for getting enough sleep.

With my five year experience of being a student (firstly on a Bachelor’s and afterwards on a Mater’s level), I can say with confidence that it is possible to achieve successful time management. Practice and willingness to change are essential here. In addition, it requires a completely new daily routine. To cut long story short, let’s briefly discuss some tips and tricks that were helpful for me.

Invest in a desk calendar

This option helps me to be organized. It doesn’t matter what size this calendar will be, the main thing is that you will have a whole month in front of your eyes.  Thus you can distribute your tasks evenly, and not leave everything till the las moment.

Start making a to-do list

It sounds corny, but it really works! This technique will help keeping track of what needs to be done by the end of the current week. Start with upcoming deadlines and list them in the importance order. Crossing the completed tasks off in this list is such a pleasure!

Don’t delay your homework for the next day

Try doing your homework on the same day you get the assignment. The new information is still fresh in your memory, and you will get through the tasks much faster! Thus, there will be more time for checking and there will be no need to be nervous and rush at the last minute before the deadline.

Get ready for the lessons with friends

Make an appointment with a few friends and meet after school to do assignments together. If the meeting is already scheduled, you will not want to let your friends down and come up with excuses at the last moment. The social aspect is also important, because it is imperative to maintain good relations with other students at the university!

Find your favourite place to study

Try to find a place where you get used to doing your homework. The location should be quiet, spacious and sufficiently lit. The fewer distractions, the more productive you will be. The library is my favourite place to study. I am sure that you will find a comfortable environment for yourself.

Don’t be afraid to interact with teachers

If you are not sure whether you understand the topic or assignment talk to your professor! Maybe he will give advice or a hint that will be very valuable and helpful. Don’t be afraid to say your doubts out loud. The professor in his turn will appreciate your activity and interest in the subject. Nevertheless you shouldn’t contact the teacher on the last day before the submission of a large project!

Listen to yourself

The very first semester in a university is usually a busy period. As a student at Hanken School of Economics, I can confirm this. While studying should be a priority, remember to take care of yourself and take breaks. Sometimes you just need to breathe in and out, get a good night’s sleep, meet up with friends and take a walk. Time management may seem like a daunting skill, but you don’t have to change everything at once. Start with one thing at a time and try to turn it into a habit. Remember, if one piece of advice works for someone, it may not work for you. It’s important to try and find unique ways to solve the problem. Over time, you will learn to treat deadlines as opportunities for self-development, and not as an additional burden.

If you have any questions about studies in Vaasa – energy capital of the Nordics, please send me a message to sofiya.meleshkova@student.hanken.fi