Winter has arrived!

Hello, hello, hello! With the first snow fall of this year in Helsinki, it is time for another blog entry from your resident student ambassador from the finance department!

So period 2 has started here at Hanken, and with that, many interesting finance courses! Perhaps the one a lot of students are looking forward to is the course titled Strategic Growth Investing. Here, you get to attend guest lectures given by company heads of HackerOne, Lifeline Ventures, and Eureka, among others. You also get to work on a business presented at SLUSH! Can’t get much more entrepreneurial than that! A similar course is International Corporate Governance, again being offered this semester, where one can sit in multiple guest lectures and write a term paper about a chosen company.

I would strongly recommend that new finance students opt for these courses for their electives. Other good options are Cases in finance, taught by Professor Timo, or, if you prefer a pure theory approach- then international accounting, which is taught by the esteemed Professor Troberg, or the undergraduate course, Pricing of financial securities and derivatives. Most courses I’ve taken as my electives, though, are theory based as opposed to those that have a more entrepreneurial side to them. I guess I’m not as much of a creative thinker as I’d like to believe! Also, I never seem to have enough time to take ALL the courses I want to take!

Finally, on to the social calendar- the annual Halloween party was held by the masters committee this Saturday in collaboration with KY finance. Attendees included masters as well as exchange students, with the after party taking place at the Apollo Club! Though there were many worthy competitors, the best costume went to the person dressed as Trump, mostly because he was representing the character so well. For pictures, check out (coming soon).

For now, please make do with this grainy picture!


Lastly, a perfect way to deal with being practically snowed in (and all the stress related to deadlines and term papers!) is to enjoy warm drinks with close friends. Here are Fei and I, having coffee at Espresso House and complaining about our workload!

– Sasha