Hanken is a world of its own – My time here at Hanken is probably the best time of my life.

A young man who had spent a good part of his formative educational years dissatisfied with the education system in his country soon found his niche in the world of Finance. Now, studying at the Hanken School of Economics, that very young man sees hope that with his experience he will be able to bring […]

It is time to say goodbye

Hi all, This will be my last blog entry. After almost two years at Hanken it is finally time to say goodbye, I am going to graduate. I submitted my master’s thesis at the beginning of May. This also means my time as a student ambassador comes to an end. During my time as a […]

The Empire State of Mind!

ABC course goes New York!   Hello there Hanketeers et. friends,   You might remember having read about Academic Business Consulting last year in Marco Eckhardt’s blog “ The Layover”,  well, we are #backinblack, to tell you a bit about this year’s ABC adventures. As you might remember, ABC is both, a course in Hanken […]

Advice to Myself a Year Ago

Hello, it’s Maggie, back with my second post for the semester. As I took my exam last Tuesday in the lecture hall, I was reflecting upon the beginning of the year when I was sitting in the same room during orientation. They overloaded us on information about the year, and I got a bit nervous. […]

Running in Helsinki

Hi there,     As you may have seen, Helsinki is an amazing place to run -from central park to the seashores. This is the reason why today, I am going to write about one of my passions: running.   When I first came to Finland, about two years ago, I was immediately surprised by […]

Work Life Balance

Hi everybody, Today I want to give students tips about work life balance from my own experience. As an international student, apart from studying, working has also been a major part of my student life. Working while studying is not an easy combination for anyone. The workload from school particularly Hanken is demanding since most […]