It is time to say goodbye

Hi all, This will be my last blog entry. After almost two years at Hanken it is finally time to say goodbye, I am going to graduate. I submitted my master’s thesis at the beginning of May. This also means my time as a student ambassador comes to an end. During my time as a student and student ambassador, I had the chance to meet new people from all over the worlds and become friends with them. Furthermore, I extended my knowledge in Finance and deepened my already existing economic expertise. The studies were not always easy but overall very interesting, fun and rewarding. If I had to choose I would do it all over again. For my future, I am going to stay in Helsinki, and I will start working in September and until then I will enjoy my long summer holiday. Thus, this blog entry will be kept very short because I am enjoying the good weather and the sun. I wish you all a nice summer and only the best for the future that is about to come. Marcel