New year new challenges

Hi everybody, I hope you all do fine and had a great start in the year. I returned to Helsinki in yearly January. I spent the Christmas break back in Germany and used the time to see my family and friends. Besides that, I used my time to prepare for one of my biggest to does in the year 2019 – finding a job in Helsinki. I updated my CV and polished my Cover letter. In addition to applying to advertised vacancies I took the incentive and contacted the talent recruiters of the companies I am was interested, I asked about potential vacancies and the possibilities to work for them as an international with little knowledge of the Finnish language. I can only recommend doing that to anybody who is interested in finding a job. Once I return to Helsinki I got invited to interviews by several companies and I made it to the further stages in the application process, which is extremely exciting, so stay tuned and cross your fingers that in my next blog entry I have some great news.

Besides my job hunt I am in the last phases of my master studies. I am currently continuing to write my thesis and I am participating in the Cases in Finance course. In this course students have the chance to solve real life business cases together with real companies. The course is very comprehensive and interesting. I think it is safe to say that this is the most practical course in the Finance master curriculum. So far, we had to chance to work together with MCF Corporate Finance, Citi Group and KPMG. The next cases will be provided by PwC and J.P. Morgan. The cases are solved by groups of two which is a great way of interacting with new people you have not met before, especially as an international student.

Apart from the daily study grind I spent my doing sports and participating in some of the various student activities organised by Hanken’s student committees such as going to drive Karts together with Hanken’s sport committee. Now there is nothing left I have to say and thus, I will go back to the grind and work on my thesis.

I hope all of you are doing great and you will achieve your set goals for the year 2019, until the next time.