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We have an e-waste problem – How can smartphone refurbishing help?

Home appliances, communications and information technology devices, home entertainment devices…you name it. Electronic or e-waste is the fastest growing waste stream globally. In 2019, a record of 53.6 million metric tons of globally generated e-waste was reported. Electronic devices contain an extensive list of precious metals as well as harmful chemicals; if no product recovery procedures are […]

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Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in Digital Games Industry

Digital games industry has become the largest entertainment industry in the world and gaming careers are portrayed as a lucrative option for passionate game enthusiasts. However, there has been continued public turmoil regarding the discriminatory and non-inclusive aspects of the industry. We have seen multiple waves of public revelations as employees of major game studios […]

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Navigating the Jungle – What to Consider when Investing Sustainably?

In the past years there has been a global boom to invest sustainably, both in the private and institutional sectors. Sustainable investing provides an opportunity to invest by considering environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors. According to Bloomberg-Green1, solely in 2020 the investment in ESG oriented funds in Europe topped 1,12 trillion euros (approximately US$1,4 trillion). Huge right?  What then motivates to invest sustainably? Based on recent reports and articles (such […]

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Lean Thinking in Justice

Although, access to justice is a fundamental rule of law1 and is protected under various conventions on human rights, in reality there are lot of delays and issues with the overall judicial processes around the world. And we all know that justice delayed is justice denied! So, can anything be done differently? This is where […]

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Cosmetic world: Sustainability in Beauty, Beauty in Sustainability

Unethical animal testing methods, business practices in the chemical industry and natural ingredients sourcing are just a few of the practices that exist within the cosmetics industry with unsustainable tendencies1. Microplastics and chemicals from cosmetics products and their packaging have also been found to have negative impact on both life in water and on land. But the cosmetics industry and unsustainable practices does not have to go hand […]

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Textile Reuse And Recycling in Finland. What, When, How?

Did you know we could soon sort used textiles along with the normal waste in Finland? Subsequent to the EU waste directive mandating the member states to establish a separate collection of used textiles by the year 2025, Finland is aiming to start textile collection already by the year 2023 What does this mean and how will it happen?  To reach this goal, Finland will have to develop a network of local textile collectors […]

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Should the art(s) be considered in the discourse on sustainability?

Nowadays sustainability is part of our everyday life. We are more aware of the environmental capacity to maintain natural resources, as we try to adjust our lifestyle according to it. Likewise, sustainability is also impacting the work of artist across the world, raising the question what does art to do with sustainability? and how can art in its various forms contribute […]

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Cash in Humanitarian Assistance: Can We Balance the Environmental and Social Trade-off?

In humanitarian assistance, an increasingly popular response is cash and voucher assistance (CVA). CVA refers to “the provision of cash transfers or vouchers given to individuals, household or community recipients”1. Just from 2015 to 2020, the use of CVA as a humanitarian response more than doubled, making it an important element of the humanitarian response programs2.   CVA’s positive impact in social and economic sustainability is well established; it allows freedom in decision-making and […]

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From Farm to Table: Exploring Alternative Food Networks

The world’s food system account for over one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity according to a recent study, but food´s relationship with sustainable development does of course not end there.  Globalization has had a major impact on food systems around the world according to a report by FAO. It allows giant food corporations to […]

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Artificial Intelligence: From Data Science to Design (& many things in between)

If there is something we can be certain about, is the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming societies, business and  nature of work. However, there are a lot of open questions and confusion that persist around what constitutes AI and what does not? What is the role of data science and design? What is the untapped potential of […]