The ‘Sustainability Unwrapped’ Podcast is managed and coordinated by Hanken’s Social Responsibility Team in collaboration with Areas of Strength in Research: Responsible Organising.

The coordination team consists of (arranged alphabetically):

In “Sustainability Unwrapped” first season, the research team consists of (arranged alphabetically):

  • Kimia Aghayi
  • Robert Ciuchita
  • Martin Fougère
  • Maria Gajitos
  • Heidi Härkönen
  • Neema Komba
  • Niclas Meyer
  • Eva Nilsson
  • Katri Nousianen
  • Hanna Silvola
  • Nikodemus Solitander
  • Emilia Vähämaa
  • Anna Zhuravleva

In addition, we have a great support team who have contributed to making this podcast a reality:

  • Gustaf Hafström
  • Annamari Huovinen
  • Alina Anderson
  • Daniel Sjöberg

A big shout out to everyone!