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Algorithmic Bias – the Dark Side of Social Media

In this episode of Sustainability Unwrapped Anna Zhuravleva dives into the topic of algorithmic bias in social media, why it is a sustainability issue and what can be done for a more responsible social media presence together with Associate Professor Mikko Vesa and Doctoral Researcher Anna Maaranen. In the episode we focus on question such as:

What are algorithmic biases in Social Media, and what can the consequences of them be?

This is the third episode in the seven-episode season focused on how to build a more sustainable future through Responsible Organising.   

Tune in here:

Want to find out more? Read Mikko and Anna’s book chapter together with Frank de Hond Social media and bias 2.0 in Transformative Action for Sustainable Outcomes: Responsible Organising. 

The podcast is produced by Hanken School of Economics. Anna Zhuravleva, host of Sustainability Unwrapped season three, is a doctoral candidate at Hanken School of Economics in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility. 

Text written by Enni Nokkosmäki and Elise Wegelius

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