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Recognizing Different Worldviews Through Ontological Multiplicity

In this episode of Sustainability Unwrapped we explore ontological multiplicity, the challenges of modern ontology, practical examples of how it affects what is considered responsible and sustainable by different actors involved and how we all can benefit from understanding the worldviews that govern our own sense-making. To navigate through this complex topic and help illustrate it with real-life examples Anna Zhuravleva talks to Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes, Lecturer in Organization and Management at Åbo Akademi University Business School. In the episode we focus on questions such as:

What ontology means and what does multiplicity add to it?

This is the fourth episode in the seven-episode season focused on how to build a more sustainable future through Responsible Organising.    

Want to find out more?  

Read Maria’s book chapter together with Tiina Jääskeläinen Ontological multiplicity: Responsible organising in defence of life in Transformative Action for Sustainable Outcomes: Responsible Organising. 

Or Maria’s journal publication with Steffen Böhm: The Political Ontology of Corporate Social Responsibility: Obscuring the Pluriverse in Place. (2022). Journal of business ethics, 1-17. 

The podcast is produced by Hanken School of Economics. Anna Zhuravleva, host of Sustainability Unwrapped season three, is a doctoral candidate at Hanken School of Economics in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility. 

Text written by Enni Nokkosmäki and Elise Wegelius.

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