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Nonhuman Animal Voice in Business and Society

In this episode of Sustainability Unwrapped, Anna Zhuravleva explores mankind’s relationship with non-human animals through posthumanism perspectives, how we historically have organized together, how we should change our relationship to animals and the role of accreditation schemes with Linda Tallberg, Assistant Professor in Management and Organisation at Hanken.   This is the seventh and last episode […]

Partnerships for the Goals Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions SDGs

Cross-sector Political Action for Sustainability

In this episode of Sustainability Unwrapped, Anna Zhuravleva and Visa Penttilä, a postdoctoral researcher, discuss cross-sector collaboration in lobbying for regulation and how it can provide means for moving forward with issues of corporate responsibility and sustainability. They discuss how different sectors can join forces in political action, as well as how the societal and […]

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Recognizing Different Worldviews Through Ontological Multiplicity

In this episode of Sustainability Unwrapped we explore ontological multiplicity, the challenges of modern ontology, practical examples of how it affects what is considered responsible and sustainable by different actors involved and how we all can benefit from understanding the worldviews that govern our own sense-making. To navigate through this complex topic and help illustrate […]

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Addressing the intersection of inequality

In this episode of Sustainability Unwrapped, Anna Zhuravleva discusses intersectional inequalities as different systems of social inequality – such as gender, social class, and marital status with Inkeri Tanhua, Doctoral student in Management and Organization, and Neema Komba, Doctoral student in Entrepreneurship, Management and Organization. Together they explore practical examples of how inequalities take shape, […]

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure SDGs

How can social innovation be made truly transformative?

Social innovation is often touted as one of the key ways in which we can address various sustainability challenges. It is understood as an innovation process that can stretch the boundaries of creativity and flexibility to develop new and pragmatic solutions. While the concept and the process of social innovation are important tools for  societal […]

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Green(ing) colonialism in Sámi territories

In recent years, different social and environmental justice movements have caused many to wake up to the injustice suffered by marginalized groups and made us aware of the struggle’s they face due to their identity, ethnicity, culture or pollution of their environment. Still, in much of the mainstream discussion there has been a lack of indigenous perspectives on these topics.   In this episode of Sustainability Unwrapped, we get an insight into the struggles of the Arctic Indigenous People of Europe, the Sámis, and how their way of life and livelihoods are endangered by government supported […]

Good Health and Well-being Partnerships for the Goals Sustainable Cities and Communities

How can volunteering promote sustainability mindset?

Volunteering is defined as a free act of an individual or a group to give time and/or service to others. It’s about taking action for issues that feel important to oneself. Volunteering has often been criticized for being harmful in certain contexts or being motivated by egoism. While the former is problematic, is the latter […]

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ESG investing, Institutional Investors, and Active Ownership

For many investors, the financial outcome of their investments is not their only objective. Some investors are also interested in the impact and role of their investments in promoting sustainability and responsible actions.   Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is a term for investments aiming for long-term positive impact on society and the environment with positive financial returns. For instance, the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock recently stated in their 2020 Letter to Our Clients that “sustainability should be our […]