Gender Equality Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Reduced Inequalities

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in Digital Games Industry

Digital games industry has become the largest entertainment industry in the world and gaming careers are portrayed as a lucrative option for passionate game enthusiasts. However, there has been continued public turmoil regarding the discriminatory and non-inclusive aspects of the industry. We have seen multiple waves of public revelations as employees of major game studios […]

Decent Work and Economic Growth Gender Equality Reduced Inequalities

From the economy of work to the care economy

What would the world look like if women and men shared care equally? How do families and their situations sometimes ‘fall between two stools’ when they don’t fit the ‘norm’?  And how can their situation be addressed and improved?  Unpaid work is often referred to as care work outside of employment, meaning caring for children and other kin, but also other kinds of household work that often is invisible and not […]