Thesis writing

Hello everyone! Yang is here!

I have recently finished my master thesis about the impact of news sentiment on Bitcoin price formation. It took me about half year to complete it. I started by collecting news data programmatically from two news sources. Acquiring and analysing data is my strong suit since I’m proficient with several programming languages. If you are interested in topics which need big data analysis, you may consider picking up some scripting languages such as Python and R.  

The most difficult part revealed itself when I started situating my hypothesis into the existing theoretical framework. This process involved extensive reading and systematically combing through previous research results in the relevant field.  

Novelty is certainly desirable in researches, but master thesis also expects students to demonstrate their knowledge of theories, methodologies and applications they’ve learned in the past years. So, it is important to present relevant theories in a structural and systematic way. This exercise also helps you sort out your thoughts. The seminar course which is designed to support thesis writing is very helpful, during which you get ideas from your peers and inspiring discussions. I happened to do the seminar course with students from commercial law. It was an interesting blend and I got to see how it is different doing qualitative analysis from quantitative analysis.  

The overall thesis writing exercise was painstaking but rewarding. Just don’t give up!  

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