Events at Hanken

Welcome to the first blog from Ana!

My name is Ana and I am a second-year master’s degree student here at Hanken Major Economics. I come from Italy, but I was born in Albania. I am the new international student ambassador for Economics and this is my first blog where I will write about interesting events organized at Hanken!
Since I managed to finish most of my courses in the first year, I am left now with the thesis and 2 language courses. This allows me to have more free time to attend interesting events organized at Hanken and in other places. I enjoy attending events since you meet new people and learn something new. Last month I.e. September I attended two wonderful events organized at Hanken:

  1. Hanken Network Day (HND);
  2. Nordic Business Forum.

HND is an event that Hanken organizes every year in September so well-known companies and students can meet. Particularly students have the chance to get an interview from different companies or to get advice for their CV. Furthermore, you can get a professional photo that can put in your CV or keep as a remember. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss! To finish the day, a dinner is served so you can continue networking and enjoy the evening in relax.
Nordic Business Forum is a 2-day event organized here in Helsinki where people from all around the world come to listen to inspiring speeches. Every year the event has a theme. This year themes were strategy, AI and peak performance. Since the event was very expensive to attend, Hanken provided the opportunity to listen in streaming. I was fascinated about the simplicity of the speach so that everyone could understand. I tried to listen to different speakers like:

  •  Aswath Damodaran that spoke about the lifecycle of a firm and how should the CEO behave in each lifecycle;
  •  Susan Cain that presented the importance of understanding the personality of the employee;
  • Gary Hamel that spoke about the power of open innovation
  • Etc.

Finally, there was the President of the United States Barack Obama to give the final speech about leadership. It was an amazing opportunity to listen to these inspiring speeches.

I would like to end this first blog with a quote that Gary Hamel mentioned during his speech:
“In my experience, innovation can only come from the bottom. Everyone must be able to experiment, learn, and integrate. Position, obedience and tradition should hold no power.”

Greg Lindom

Thank you and have a great weekend!