Summer School is not only about School. It is about Summer!

What is so good about attending the Summer School while you are a student?

This summer I attended for the first time the IPR Summer School organized by the IPR University Center together with Hanken. It was a week of new insights into the latest intellectual property trends and challenges that IP law meets in an age of artificial intelligence. Smart cars, robots, e-courts, and other attributes of digitalization totale that sooner or later should become an inalienable part of our lives make us thinking – how these ‘intelligent’ innovations shall be treated from a legal perspective? Shall we change our legal attitude and give them own personality? In general, can synthetic machines be treated as independent items from those who created them? Can we increase the level of transparency and fairness if we have courts without biased judges and lawyers? Is it even physically possible to create absolutely objective algorithms without any prejudice? Are traditional intellectual property concepts are still relevant in a new environment?

Indeed, there are more questions than answers. Perhaps we are simply not there yet!

Although these are just some of the thrilling topics that were addressed during this Summer School, unfortunately it is hardly possible to go into details in the blog post! My main point here is that good summer school is an incredible step forward in your personal development. It is the place where you start really thinking about different issues from multiple perspectives and can share your thoughts with your friends and colleagues. 

From my own perspective, I discovered several absolute advantages you will get by participating in the summer school. 

First, people from different countries are put under one roof and learn about each other culture, traditions, language and education. It is a invaluable chance to extend your network, find new paths for your own research, make new friends or even meet someone special. Well, who knows!

Second, organizers of a good summer school invite professionals from both, the industry and academia, who are leaders in their field. These amazing people will tell you about recent trends from multiple perspectives, give you the information you can never find in books and you will be involved in the discussion even if you have never planned it. The learning process is very open, friendly and supportive. I would even say it is a collaborative event when everyone share their knowledge, experience, general thinking and inspiration. 

Third, you can gain ECTS if you follow all the requirements and this will be an additional plus for your transcript. 

Finally, coffee breaks are perfect for a discussion and asking questions. Believe me, you will always get an answer or at least plenty of new information and a very fruitful dialogue.

Yes, and for those who like coffee, this is a heaven!

Enjoy your summer and greetings from Italy!