The year is over – It is finally summer

Hey there,

Let my first introduce myself again. My name is Marcel I am 25 years old and originally from Germany. I am the International Student Ambassador for the Finance Track at Hanken and this my second blog entry.

The first year of my Master studies is now over, the last study period was intense, I had a lot of mid-terms, assignments, group work and presentation. However, I had my last exam two days ago and now it is time to enjoy the summer. The weather here in Helsinki has been perfect the last week. Thus, I spent the first day after my last exam at the beach and tried to replace the library/desktop tan with some real tan. I will stay in Helsinki for a couple more days before I will go back to Germany for the summer. I will do a three months internship in M&A. I hope to apply the knowledge I acquired at Hanken. I think the Corporate Finance course I took last period will be especially useful for that. I am curious and excited about new challenges and opportunities to learn the practical side of Finance. I will come back to Helsinki at the beginning of September and I am hoping to see some of you guys in person, but until then enjoy your summer!


Best Regards