Girls, be brave and be sure about yourself

Gender equality is a rising topic in Finland, even this land is already one of the top countries in gender equality and people are still striving hard for it, in my eyes, Finnish society has done almost everything possible they can to help woman, but why it hasn’t be fully achieved and there is still differences in salaries and other rights? After I two events I attended at Hanken, I realised something.

Last Tuesday, I attended an induction event of Finnish Young Shareholder Network, which was newly established, and many initiators are from Hanken, yes, proud of it. 🙂 I had a friend of mine with me going there together, and when we arrived, we found out that we are the only two female participants, and rest of the group are guys. I asked the board members of the organization if this also the case of their members. They first showed a pity smile, and said yes, they have very few female members. This reminds me about an event last year, when Mensa visited Hanken and offer free IQ test to Hanken students, I went there, and saw majorities are guys. The Chairwoman of Mensa Finland also pointed out this phenomena, every time, the ratio of female vs male test takers is 3:7, and the same ration among Mensa’s member globally. And Mensa neither doesn’t know why it is like this.

These two events made me thinking, it appears that it is women are not proactive enough in striving to get themselves equal things, or even more. Perhaps because of afraid of taking risks or failure or lose something else, or just not so sure about themselves. In my opinion, gender equality doesn’t mean “We women are better”,  instead it’s “we are not less”. I encourage every female student to be confident about herself on all aspects at early age, and be brave to embrace the new challenges and be able to undertake the risks. Be the one!

Post by Fangbing Wang