A month filled with activities

Hello everyone,

In this blog entry, I will talk about the activities that happened at Hanken in the past month. I believe that the February was one of the busiest months not only for the Masters’ Committee but also for the whole Student Union in general. This post should be interesting to the new students who have been recently admitted to Hanken and would like to familiarise themselves with the Student Union activities.

So, on Valentine’s Day, we had an awesome day at Uunisaari where we have spent few hours sweating in a sauna, chilling in the hot tub and dipping into an ice cold Baltic Sea. Some members of the group did the latter activity for the first time and I was among them. It was unforgettable! So unforgettable I have done it three times!

Check Masters’ Committee IG page for the picture.

On February 28th we have visited the Fazer chocolate factory. Guides of the factory show you around while telling the story of the company. However, the reason why everyone visits the factory is not the story of the company which you can just simply look up online. The coolest thing about the visit is the very end of the tour when you are given around 10 minutes to eat all the chocolate you want. Yes, you have read it right – you end up in a room which is filled with all the Fazer’s chocolates and you can eat as much as you want. Furthermore, you even get some gifts at the end of the tour! Another awesome experience for sure.

Check Masters’ Committee IG page for the picture.

On March 3rd the Masters’ Committee had an event together with the Exchange Committee. The event was called the Drinking Games Night: Sporty Edition and was all about the student favourite games: beer pong, caps, cup flips and more.

Two days later we have visited our partner Miltton’s office where we have heard some LinkedIn tips, got to know the company more, heard some leadership insights and had a chance to mingle with each other in a less formal setting. On top of everything, the Annual Ball of Hanken took place on February 24th. This is arguably the largest event at Hanken during the year, so you don’t want to miss it out like how I did. You can check all the cool pics from the Annual Ball on the Student Union website.

In terms of my personal activities, I have just started a project work with one of the largest biofuel producers in the world. Can’t talk about the project too much while it is being implemented but it is a pure refreshment after all those classes based on theory. Working on real business cases or doing market research for big global companies is one of the best experiences you might get at Hanken during your studies. In addition to all of this, you even get paid! In the previous entry, Marco has told you about a similar activities student do in a course called Academic Business Consulting. So if you want to try something similar next year, check either the latter course or opportunities offered by the LEAP programme of the Aalto Management Consulting Association, AMCA.

So, that is all I wanted to share with you for the moment. Please follow the Masters’ committee on Instagram @shsmasterscommittee and see you in the next entry. By the way, apologies for the lack of pictures, which I will upload in April.