Research impact and the “post-Truth”

31.5.2017 By Eija Susanna Meriläinen, Doctoral Student   The Brexit vote, referendum in Turkey and Trump presidency. The waves of nationalist populism in the global North have awaken fears in the research communities. The repercussions for researchers have in the short-term varied between inconveniencing and deadly. The mobility of European researchers between the U.K. and […]

Visit to Finnish Red Cross Logistics Centre with the Humanitarian logistics course students

20.4.2017 (February 13th 2017) As a part of Humanitarian logistics course, 16 students had the opportunity to visit the Finnish Red Cross logistics centre in Kalkku, Tampere. Ari Mäntyvaara, logistic coordinator, was the guide during the visit of the centre and shared with the participants some of his experiences of operations on the field.   […]

Strengthening Supply Chains for the Next Epidemic Response, evidence from the 2014 West Africa Ebola Outbreak

4.4.2017 By Emily Gooding, winner of the HUMLOG best Master’s thesis Award 2017   The response to the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak consumed hundreds of thousands of boots, examination gloves, and liters of chlorine. The supply chains that brought these critical relief items to Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone relied on a series of […]

Organizational culture in supply chain collaboration

23.3.2017 By Sabari Prasanna, Doctoral Student   Organizational culture has no consistent definition in the extant literature. Schein, (2004, p.17) defines organizational culture as “a pattern of shared basic assumptions that was learned by a group as it solved its problems of external adaptation and, that has worked well enough to be  considered valid and, […]

Why we should take the Zombie Apocalypse seriously

8.3.2017 By Isabell Storsjö, doctoral student and zombie fan   Zombies. Walking dead. Living dead. Popular culture has given many names to the terrifying idea of creatures stuck between death and life hunting the living for their flesh or brains. My fascination for zombies started with the AMC series “The Walking Dead”, which my husband […]

Preparedness is key to fast disaster response

22.2.2017 By Dr. Nathan Kunz, assistant professor of operations management, University of North Florida   Each hour counts when responding to a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Matthew which hit Haiti in October 2016. Affected populations are in desperate need for food, medicines or shelters. It took international relief organization based in the U.S. or […]

How could three emerging technological changes (3DP, RPAS and HCAs) impact the practice of humanitarian logistics ?

6.2.2017 Some thoughts about my current work, by Peter Tatham – Professor of Humanitarian Logistics, Griffith University (Queensland, Australia)   May I begin by using this Blog to wish all the readers and peaceful and successful 2017.  For those engaged in research, I hope that your endeavours bear fruit, and those who are undertaking the […]

Project MELOGIC 3/3 – Table top exercise in Vicenza

26.1.2017 One of the important elements of emergency planning is training exercises. The MELOGIC Project has organised table-top exercise with Italian RC.   One of the important elements of emergency planning is training exercises. Training exercise is particularly important for building and maintaining organisational knowledge. A written guideline and/or instruction of how to act during […]