HUMLOG Institute participated in the “Crisis Management Now” event in Wanha Satama – reflections on humanitarian logistics and crisis management

Dr. Aino Ruggiero Postdoctoral researcher at the HUMLOG Institute The HUMLOG Institute participated in the Crisis Management Now (Kriisinhallinta NYT) event organized by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Wanha Satatama in Katajanokka on the 29th of November. This was the first time the event was organized again live after the covid-19 pandemic and […]

To ESADE and Back…

On 10th-11th November, Claire Louise Travers attended the 15th EurOMA Journal Publishing Workshop, hosted at the ESADE Business School is Barcelona. EurOMA is the European Operations Management Association, an international network of academics and a professional non-profit association managed by EIASM (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management). Claire is a doctoral researcher focusing on localisation of humanitarian aid provision, specifically the use of local procurement and local manufacturing in emergency response programming.

Master’s Thesis within Military Procurement- The Process

By Lauri Aaltonen Hanken Master’s Alumnus Procurement Planner in the Finnish Defense Forces As I write this blog entry, I have already graduated from Hanken MSc. In the closing phase of my studies, I wrote my master’s thesis (Pro Gradu). Title of my thesis was ´Development of procurement for maintenance spare parts – Case Finnish […]

WRECing the Environment with Humanitarian Aid

By Dr. Virva Tuomala Postdoctoral Researcher at the HUMLOG Institute Humanitarian logistics deals in emergencies such as conflicts, natural disasters, and pandemics. In very simple terms, the main idea is to transport goods to a disaster-stricken location, where the local infrastructure has suffered damages and losses. In general, the main gist of logistics and supply […]

Supply Chains in a Changing World

24.7.2022 By Dr. Sarah Schiffling Reflections from Dr. Sarah Schiffling after her visit as a guest researcher with the HUMLOG Institute. Dr. Schiffling spent spring 2022 in Helsinki, working, ideating, and collaborating with HUMLOG Institute researchers, PhD students, and professors. Supply chains are like the wifi – nobody thinks about them until there is a […]

Ukraine Crisis: why you should donate for humanitarian logistics in the construction sector rather than sending supplies.

6.7.2022 By Dr. Bashar Khoury Humanitarian logistician with Syrian Operations Humanitarian logistics in the construction logistics sector, or Humanitarian Construction Logistics (HCL), comprises the planning, the coordination, and the supervision of material flow to, within, and from construction-sites. The Humanitarian Construction Logistics (HCL) approach aims to promote the benefits of good logistics and supply chain […]

HUMLOG Institute’s activities related to the War in Ukraine

13.4.2022 By Mimmi Pöysti Research Coordinator at the Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research (HUMLOG) Institute at Hanken School of Economics As a research institute with extensive knowledge in humanitarian response, refugee crises, crisis preparedness, conflict, shelter, supply chains and cash modalities in humanitarian aid, the HUMLOG Institute has been busy since the beginning of […]

The Logistical Impact of not putting oneself in another’s shoes

16.03.2022 By Mimmi Pöysti Project Coordinator at the Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research (HUMLOG) Institute at Hanken School of Economics Two weeks ago, Hanken held a seminar titled “Ukraine – why help with cash instead of goods?”. The purposes of this event were twofold: to raise awareness about the humanitarian supply chain issue that […]

The DigCBA project: Responsible Use of Digital Cash-Based Assistance in Refugee Crises

16.12.2021 By Amin Maghsoudi Postdoctoral Researcher at the Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research (HUMLOG) Institute at Hanken School of Economics. The number of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) is in the rise with the record of 82.4 million in 2020 according to UNHCR. This means that there is more need of assistance to […]