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A Constructive Critique of Corporate Social Responsibility

In this episode of Sustainability Unwrapped, Anna Zhuravleva explores together with Martin Fougère, Professor in Management and Politics and Nikodemus Solitander, Researcher and Director of the Centre for Corporate Responsibility, the historical emergence of corporate social responsibility (CSR), why it does not lead to transformative change, and in what instances CSR as a concept can be effective. In the episode we focus on question such as: 

How has CSR evolved within the years, and where has it gotten us?

This is the second episode in the seven-episode season focused on how to build a more sustainable future through Responsible Organising.   

Tune in to episode 2 of season 3 here:

Want to find out more? Read Martin and Nikodemus book chapter Corporate social responsibility is useful only when it is made useful in Transformative Action for Sustainable Outcomes: Responsible Organising. 

Other publications:

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The podcast is produced by Hanken School of Economics. Anna Zhuravleva, host of Sustainability Unwrapped season three, is a doctoral candidate at Hanken School of Economics in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility. 

Text written by Enni Nokkosmäki and Elise Wegelius.

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