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Is artificial intelligence fair, inclusive and ethical?

Imagine a robot running a recruitment process? Sounds like the solution we have been waiting for fair recruitment processes?  But wait…Can it really be free of bias?

The answer is unfortunately not so simple and lies in the algorithms that are behind the artificial intelligence tools. As our lives become more and more intertwined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots, there is a need to dig deeper and critically evaluate the ethicality of it.

This and many other ethical issues of artificial intelligence will be discussed as Robert Ciuchita, Assistant Professor in Marketing at Hanken invites Martina Caic, Assistant Professor in Design at Aalto University, and Stefano Tempesta, Chief Technology Officer at Connecting Software.

In this episode of the Sustainability unwrapped podcast, we uncover questions like: are algorithms neutral? Who is designing them? Does AI really have a brain of its own? How can AI be fair and inclusive? What is ethical AI? Are there any principles and standards for it?

We will also take a step forward and discuss how the ideal future could look like and how can AI solve some of the biggest sustainability challenges our planet is facing. Time to get people and sustainability aspect into the AI debate! Tune in!

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