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Resilient and sustainable multimodal transport in the EU

The transport network in Europe is facing severe and frequent disruptions due to the dynamic geo-political situation in the region as well as the aftereffects of climate change. The EU Horizon project ReMuNet (Resilient Multimodal Transport Networks) is focused on improving the resilience of the transport network considering alternate routing options and identifying disruptions and ways to mitigate their effects.

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Humanitarian air drops: An option of last resort

When the humanitarian situation deteriorates for a population that is cut off from the outside world, there are frequently calls for humanitarian aid to be delivered from the air. In 2016, a petition to the UK parliament to air-drop life-saving aid into Syrian cities gained nearly 150,000 signatures. In October 2023, questions have been asked about humanitarian air drops for Gaza to help people cut off from deliveries of food, water, medicines, and other essentials.

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Supply Chains in a Changing World

24.7.2022 By Dr. Sarah Schiffling Reflections from Dr. Sarah Schiffling after her visit as a guest researcher with the HUMLOG Institute. Dr. Schiffling spent spring 2022 in Helsinki, working, ideating, [...]

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