Humanitarian air drops: An option of last resort

When the humanitarian situation deteriorates for a population that is cut off from the outside world, there are frequently calls for humanitarian aid to be delivered from the air. In 2016, a petition to the UK parliament to air-drop life-saving aid into Syrian cities gained nearly 150,000 signatures. In October 2023, questions have been asked about humanitarian air drops for Gaza to help people cut off from deliveries of food, water, medicines, and other essentials.

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NATO in the Nordics – Attending a Scientific Conference

Writing a master’s thesis can be an overall experience that demands a major share of the writer’s mental capacity. Then, one beautiful day, the thesis is ready and submitted for grading. This can cause a feeling of emptiness and arouse questions like: what’s next. One possible answer is to share the thesis’ results with an audience. A great way for this is in a scientific conference.

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