“Our first touch with real issues humanitarian organizations face” – Some words about Hanken CSR and Humanitarian Logistics course

20.5.2019 By Hanken students Claire Dubosc, Karoliina Ahtiainen, Sara Paananen and Juulia Orimus   During our first academic year, we (as Hanken’s Humanitarian Logistics students) had a project course included in our curricula. Our mission was to conduct a project for Finn Church Aid, which is focused on education in emergencies. The aim was to […]

Building a Nexus for Research – Technology, Policy, and Business

2.5.2019 By Prof Joseph Sarkis, PhD, Professor at Foisie School of Business, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA and HUMLOG International Research Fellow at Hanken School of Economics, Finland   Solving problems and innovation requires creativity. Research requires problem solving and innovative ideas; that is, we seek to expand the body of knowledge.   I was watching […]