Temperature control matters! Fact sheet to prepare for COVID-19 vaccination programmes

(by the team of the HUMLOG Institute: Ioanna Falagara Sigala, Gyöngyi Kovács, Amin Maghsoudi, Wojciech Piotrowicz, Isabell Storsjö, Diego Vega) As various COVID-19 vaccines are in the making, there is a lot we can do to prepare for their handling including necessary cold chain and ultra-cold chain solutions. Here is a fact sheet with reminders […]

Don’t let the latest emergency make you forget about the other urgent issues

26.10.2020 By Félicia Saïah, PhD Candidate at the HUMLOG Institute “Supply chain,” “health emergency,” and “critical inventories” are some of the terms that have been popularized through the current pandemic. Like no other event, this pandemic spread awareness about the supply chain issues linked to responding to a healthcare emergency. The lack of Personal Protective […]

Towards the Holy Grail: The Frontline Humanitarian Logistics Initiative

30.09.2020 Diego Vega, PhD. Deputy Director, The HUMLOG Institute Supply and Logistics is a critical technology capability that is required for humanitarian emergency operations. Many of the 71 million forcibly displaced people depend on humanitarian response for lifesaving support in post-disaster and conflict environments. Yet, in 2019 much of the humanitarian sector is still dependent […]

Framework for performance evaluation in humanitarian operations from the beneficiary perspective

28.08.2020 By Brenda de Farias Oliveira Cardoso, Honorary mentioned in The HUMLOG Institute’s Best Thesis Award 2020 Supervisor: Adriana Leiras | Co-supervisor: Tharcisio Cotta Fontainha I am a researcher at the HANDs Lab (Humanitarian Assistance and Needs for Disasters) which is a laboratory of the Industrial Engineering Department at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio […]

Renewable energy sources in emergency humanitarian medical cold chain for sustainability enhancing

09.07.2020 By Sonja Saari, Honorary mentioned in The HUMLOG Institute’s Best Thesis Award 2020 I’m Sonja Saari, a recent M.Sc. graduate from Hanken School of Economics with the major subject of Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility. In particular, I specialized in Humanitarian Logistics. When I was pondering my master’s thesis topic, I realised that […]

Building resilience in disaster management supply networks through cross-sector collaboration

10.06.2020 By Krichelle Medel, Winner of The HUMLOG Institute’s Best Thesis Award 2020 I am Krichelle Medel, this year’s winner of HUMLOG Best Thesis Award. I am an MPhil degree holder from the Institute for Manufacturing in the University of Cambridge under the programme of Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management. Being an international student from […]

How Humanitarian Logistics Can Inform a New Normal for Supply Chains – Post-COVID-19

11.05.2020 By Joseph Sarkis, PhD, Professor at Foisie School of Business, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA and HUMLOG International Research Fellow at Hanken School of Economics, Finland & Gyöngyi Kovács, Erkko Professor in Humanitarian Logistics, Hanken. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused devastation to people’s health, safety, and livelihoods. It has also caused our supply chains to […]

Logistics and its impact on society – A doctoral course at Hanken

28.8.2019 By Christian Fikar, Assistant Professor at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business & HUMLOG Research Associate   As highlighted in various posts here on the HUMLOG blog, logistics activities can have a substantial impact on societies. As a Visiting Researcher at Hanken who works with topics concerning decision support systems for time-critical logistics […]

The newest members of the HUMLOG team

14.8.2019 By Mikaela Gerkman and Mimmi Pöysti, Administrative Assistants at HUMLOG Institute.   Kristjana Adalgeirsdottir, Mikaela Gerkman and Mimmi Pöysti started their new positions at the HUMLOG Institute last week. Kristjana will work on project management and funding applications, whereas Mikaela and Mimmi will handle the administration of the institute.   Kristjana was born and […]