Why does the People Factor matter in humanitarian operations?

15.7.2021 By Dr. Motjaba Salem The HUMLOG Institute’s Board Award Doctoral Honorary mention 2021. During 2020-2021, multiple waves of the infectious Coronavirus stormed across Europe, Asia, Latin American, and Africa as the government authorities and aid workers scrambled to contain the outbreak. In parallel, conflicts across the world have forcibly displaced millions from their homes. […]

The success of Humanitarian supply chains

07.07.2021 By Dr. Hella Abidi The HUMLOG Insitute’s Board Award Doctoral Theses winner 2021 Which logistics, storage and transport processes have an impact on the supply chains of humanitarian organization? This question is the focus of the research visit at ‘Médecins Sans Frontières in Zimbabwe by Dr. Hella Abidi. Because understanding the processes and organizational […]

COVID-19 vaccine patents: to waive or not to waive?

07.05.2021 Nari Lee and Gyöngyi Kovács Intellectual property law has never been far from the international politics. With pandemic raging still in 2021 and the rise of vaccine nationalism, political economy forces us to re-assess system of exclusive rights in international trade agreements. Already contested balancing the incentive for research through exclusive rights and the […]

Field experience as a GIS specialist for Doctors Without Borders in Sudan – Tigray refugee crisis

30.04.2021 Andries Heyns is a postdoctoral project researcher at the Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute.  In this blog post he shares his ten-week experience as a Geographic Information System specialist for Doctors Without Borders in the Tigray refugee camps in Sudan All images by Andries Heyns Early in November 2020, conflict broke out […]

Why or why not cash….! Learning from the past and looking to the future

26.03.2021 Written by: Amin Maghsoudi – Postdoctoral Researcher at the HUMLOG Institute for Cash and/or Carry Project supported by Academy of Finland Humanitarian assistance comes normally in forms of delivery of goods, services and cash/vouchers. For decades, the latter has been transferred to the vulnerable communities in responding to meeting basic needs and building resilience […]

Your face mask impacts the global supply chains

26.02.2021 Dr. Ioanna Falagara Sigala, Project Researcher at HUMLOG Institute The Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) pandemic has created a worldwide health crisis with an impact not only on peoples’ lives but also on the global medical supply chain network. In our increasingly interconnected world, the protection of citizens and the delivery of the medical suppliers is a huge challenge. There is high connectivity between individual […]